R&B Singer Tink Captivates Crowd at First Outdoor Performance Since Lockdown

Photo Credit: Keeton Robinson

By: Nana Aduba-Amoah

Photo Credit: Keeton Robinson

HAMMOND, Ind.– Chicago-based rapper and songstress, Tink, held her first live concert since the coronavirus pandemic at the LRP Outdoor Cinema in Hammond. Hosted by LRP Live, the Rated R&B venue attracted over 100 people on Saturday night, where masks were enforced and seats were separated to correlate with Indiana’s social-distancing guidelines. Nevertheless, the “Don’t Tell Nobody” singer was excited to engage with an audience she hadn’t seen in months.

“This is the fist show I’ve had since the pandemic,” Tink said to a cheering crowd in the beginning of her show, “If you’ve been through some real sh-t, say ‘hey.’”

Prior to Tink’s arrival, local artists like singer, Ash10, and Chicago-based rapper, Twoweeks, opened up the event and graced the stage with lively and entertaining performances. 

Around 8:30 p.m., Tink enchanted the audience of Chicago and Indiana fans with an hour-long show. She introduced songs from her newly released album “Hopeless Romantic,” such as “Cut It Out,” and performed familiar, chart-topping records like “Million,” “I Like,” and “Don’t Tell Nobody.” 

Photo Credit: Keeton Robinson

The 25-year-old did not neglect her dedicated “day one” fans, who took a stroll down memory lane and sang along to her underground hits “Bonnie And Clyde,” “Count On You,” and “Treat Me Like Somebody.” She concluded the night by inviting a fan on stage with her, who eagerly embraced her as she thanked the crowd.

 “I love ya’ll. I had a good time and I appreciate y’all for coming out,” Tink said before exiting the stage. 

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