Chicago couple with dessert catering business will premier on Food Network


Sheldon Jordan and Brittney Dervin, owners of the dessert catering brand, “Nicely Iced Chicago,” will be featured on the Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge on Dec 9. (Photo cred:

By: Nana Aduba-Amoah

A Chicago couple who curated their own home-based dessert business will be competing on a national television show on Dec. 9. Sheldon Jordan and Brittney Dervin, two self-taught innovators of the cookie decorating brand “Nicely Iced Chicago,” will be featured on the Food Channel’s Christmas Cookie Challenge,  according to a recent report by WGN-TV News.

“We’re trying to show people that you know, if in life, if your job takes you to a new want to start something different or build your own business, work for yourself, it can be done,” Devin said.

The couple began their business 2017, when Dervin came across pictures of decorated cookies on social media, which inspired her and her husband to begin their own business. 

Within two years, the couple perfected their craft and began catering desserts for baby showers, graduations, and birthday parties. Eventually, their business caught the attention of the Food Network, which led them to participate in their upcoming televised competition, the Christmas Cookie Challenge, with other professional bakers, WGN-TV reports

“Went on the show and it was amazing,” Dervin said. “I was competing against people who’d been in the field for 20 years.”

The show features five bakers who will be contesting to make holiday cookies for a $10,000.00 prize.


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