Fygu Fest @ The University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

Usually around this time, schools from around the country are currently enrolled in school. The mega giant company Amazon hosts a new event called “Find Your Grind” festival or better known as FYGU. Amazon picks certain schools throughout the country & they plays a huge role in having students finding out other options they would like to pursue for their degree and this festival is excellent for college students. The festival has e-sports gaming tournament, prizes, giveaways and chances to meet your favorite artists. The main event is the music festival which contains mainstream artists and artists on the rise as well. This time it stops in Champaign-Urbana, the home of the Illinois Fighting Illini. Each music lineup is different from other universities and with this being a free event, this lineup does not disappoint. The headliner is an Ohio native who goes by the name Trippie Redd. The other artists that’s on the lineup is Madeintyo, Wale and other local artists. He’s known for his energy performances with up-tempo beats and lyrics that’s easy to catch on to. The event is at Grange Grove which is near Memorial Stadium. They space was used wisely and the set up was very good. It consisted of two stages with one of them are the local artists. It started off with rain then later on throughout the day then it cleared up. The first artist set wasn’t bad and the energy was pretty good. The main stage was good energy from the students at the university of Illinois. Once the intermission was ended, then the acts the continued. When Madeintyo came out, his energy was very high and the mosh pits were crazy as well. A lot of the songs he performed were older songs then went to his recent songs from his new album. Wale came out and he had a good set also. The sound wasn’t the best and he tried to solve it but he really played a lot of his older songs. Last was triple Redd. As soon as he came out the energy was at a all time high. Throughout his set he talked to the crowd to make sure they was still engaged in the set. His set was about a hour long and if you haven’t seen Trippie Redd live, it’s a lot of mosh pits, interacting with the crowd and the hype lyrics matches his songs perfect.


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