Chicago Rapper Marko Stat$ Performs at Ibex Clothing Launch

7589959920_IMG_1404 (2)
Photo by Keeton Robinson


By: Nana Aduba-Amoah

Last Friday night, in a crowded venue with over 50 people, rapper Marko Stat$ graced the stage with a vivid, solo, live performance. The event, called ‘Pizzoozic’ was a product launch for the clothing brand, Ibex, which featured performances by Marko Stat$ and other artists. Marko Stat$ said he was eager to perform for the streetwear company because of the exposure they gave him when he first started rapping.

“These guys are really dope,” he said, in reference to Ibex Streetwear. “They are one of the first people that ever gave me an interview, back in like 2015. They saw the potential back then, so I just thought, ‘hey, I might as well come back and do a performance for them.’”

His performance featured about nine songs, including his popular singles, “Waddup,” and “Color Blind.” The crowd, engaging, and energetic, sang along to his upbeat, melodic, rap and hip-hop hits, despite the humid and crowded environment. Marko Stat$ also introduced some songs he had yet to release to gage the audience reaction, which was always enthusiastic and encouraging.

The Uptown artist began rapping five years ago and already has a growing fan base, with over a thousand followers on social media, and more than thousand views on most of his visuals posted on Youtube.  In 2015, he dropped his first mixtape, “Lost Souls,” which can be found on streaming services such as SoundCloud and Certified Mixtapez. His more recent project, “Bee-4 I Fly Away,” was released on Spotify in 2017. To keep up with his upcoming music and performances, follow Marko Stat$ on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

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