Concealing the Fairness of Beauty: Why representation matters for women of color.

Artwork by El Anatsui

By: Nana Aduba-Amoah

It’s no secret that the beauty industry lacks a variation of cosmetic products for women of color. From personal experience, when I first began to purchase makeup, I can recall myself grudgingly walking up and down the beauty isle of convenient stores and constantly seeing three to four options of foundation and concealer products for people of color, yet, when it came to products that suited fairer skin tones, the choices seemed limitless. I also struggled with purchasing makeup from well-known online stores, such as MAC. I would buy a foundation that seemed to match the skin tone advertised on their website, only to return the product for being much lighter than I expected. However, now with more user generated content and social media engagement from minority communities, African-American beauty bloggers, makeup artists, and celebrities are beginning to revolutionize the spectrum of beauty.  Read more

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