Business owners have mixed emotions about smoking ban

Jun 30, 2012

With Indiana’s new Smoke-free Air law taking affect Sunday, some businesses are concerned that their revenue could reduce to ashes.

The law prohibits smoking in most public establishments, state-owned vehicles and school buses. Although the ban is geared towards promoting health and safety benefits for customers and employees, some business owners view it as a hindrance to their sales progress.

According to the state of Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, “a business that is not exempt from the state law must post required signage, remove indoor ashtrays and other smoking receptacles, and direct any person who is smoking to extinguish the cigarette, or other lighted tobacco.” The laws also goes on to state that customers can only smoke outside at a patio or a sidewalk that is 8-feet away from any public entrance. Any one who breaks this law will be subject to a court-imposed fine. Read more

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