Chicago college students struggle to pay tuition in absence of higher minimum wage

min wage
A referenda question that asked Illinoisans if the minimum wage should be raised passed with more than two-thirds support. (Seth Perlman | AP)


By: Nana Aduba Amoah and Amanda Crane

For Chicago college students like Venice Adams, raising the minimum wage in Illinois is the only way to continue pursuing a college degree.

Adams, a senior at Columbia College Chicago, works two minimum-wage jobs at $8.25 per hour to afford her tuition and student loans all on top of taking five classes this semester.

“If the minimum wage was raised to $10 an hour, I’ll probably only get one job that could fund me through school. Plus, I’ll be more confident that I can find a better opportunity once I graduate,” she said. “The stress alone from juggling jobs keeps me less focused on school.”

Adams is one of many Chicago college students and citizens throughout Illinois in support of raising the minimum wage. Read more


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